Artist Statement


Artists take risks so the rest of us don’t have to  -Mathew Collings

Everything in our world, everything that exists, everything we can see can be re-interpreted.

I validate my existence by creating concepts other than what the world presents and challenge myself to imagine alternatives.

When we accept without question we forfeit the power to control our own lives, so inquire, research, confront, imagine.

Sometimes we are swamped by advertising and must repeatedly decide between what to observe and what not to.It has become subconscious for most of us. 

The flat, decorative image is everywhere. we take it for granted.

It is this obsession with flat images that makes contemporary painting  a remedy to kitsch and mediocrity.

For me the canvass is the arena where the impossible becomes at least plausible, at most inspirational.

The disguising of a brush stroke without ongoing references, to this painter, should be saying something more than “this is not a pipe”……

By directing the paint within the illusion of a fixed form, the image is emancipated and can stretch out and suggest nothing.

I would like to think that my work celebrates the medium in which the imagery dwells.