Artist Statement


Mon Emprente

These works are distorted indications of identity presented as tactile portions of human form. Not a depiction of character but an embodiment of identity without the animations of personality.

Fingerprints are personal, in these works they are objective. Consider the transmission of acquired characteristics to subsequent generations as metamorphosis- in motion to create a type of 'identity-scape' beyond the typical conventions of portraiture.

Painterly configurations of repetitive motion are being carved and flattened onto the surface and the act of painting reveals a spiritual level of consciousness by translating as emotive gesture. An anxious object that dismisses any type of methodology. 

Harnessing the forces of expression using formal procedures can be tricky when codes of reference do not quite disolve.

Any distinctive depictions of my biology are subjected to my own gesture. Applicational determinations provide impersonal disclosure through conscious active participation.

These representations of my fingerprints do not define my biological character but by painting them, they describe me.