Artist Statement



These are fractured interpretations of form and space. A formal organic language leading toward the manifestation of the fractal. Fissures and fractures and other arbitrary indications of time can be re defined through the propagation of space and form.

Imagine a kind of 'bio-mimicry' where the natural dynamic of the living landscape is always evident, consider the similarities between the path of a river, the direction of an artery or the reach of a branch.

Nature repeats the same designs on a broad scale of different life forms, the head of a cauliflower, a nub of coral and the human brain.

 Randomly repeating organic structure, I try to keep things within literal principles without those principles dictating the process.

A visual description of light/space when defining form has in the modernist tradition, been mostly relinquished to the background as mere splashing of white. Resembling inconsequential impressions of afterthought, these dabs of light were the precursors to more expressive forms of painting that transcended the need to mimic the visual landscape and instead provide a context that relates directly to the emotional interpretations of the artist and the compositional demands of the canvass.

My aims are to bring these techniques from ‘background garnish’ to being the main thrust of the work.

Using repetition to create structure, I can confine the brushstroke with a palette knife to further define form and systematically eliminate positive space.

By using a slightly random series of directives to euphemise the laws of chaos I can discover configurations evident in all natural entities without allowing subjective principles of observation to dominate my process.