Neil Hicks studio

My Studio

The smells of drying paint, the morning light the soft dabs of sable on linen…….

The studio is the site of artistic effort combined with quiet introspection. It is a place where coffee tastes better and music sounds different and time alters. Where the stillness of a moment can stretch into an era and four hours can seem like minutes.

Light is always at a variable from the early shine and afternoon glow to late night fluro. It is a place of work but it is also a sacred site, a place of devotion and sacrifice. A laboratory, a workshop, a theatre, a temple. A second home, a nest if you like, or a bower, filled with bits and pieces of inspiration, scattered about in perfect harmony but at a glance chaotic.

It is also where friends can visit, maybe have a glass of wine or even play some music and without fail, there will be some discussion on what is on the easel. This can be a nice distraction from the isolating practice of painting. Now I am opening my studio to the internet via my website so come in, sit down, and don't touch anything.

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